Other Works

In addition to children’s books and toys, DFP has created other items of interest, including a cookbook for conventioneers, and a comic book that’s anything but stinky.  These can all be purchased at shows or on the DFP Web store.

a cookbook by Elinda Deans

A cookbook for conventioneers, filled with recipes for shelf stable food that’s healthier, tastier, and less expensive than anything you can get from convention concessions. Features art by Drew Moss, Eryk Donovan, the infamous Kidlet, and more!

48 Pages, $15



a comic book by Sam and Robert Deans

Odorangutan and his minions try to take over the city, and the police call in their secret weapon, The Mighty Hippofartamus!

10 Pages, $3

Ideal for ages 4-12 (And maybe less mature 90 year olds.)