Spicey The Moose Lamb

Spicey's new book and toy!

Spicey the Moose Lamb

Inspired by a late night comedy skit and suggested by a friend, SPICEY THE MOOSE LAMB was created by Elinda as a crocheted toy.  In short order, a family of cousins were created including Sprinkles, Mole, and Bailey.

The toy quickly became popular, and Elinda realized Spicey needed her own story.  In collaboration with Robert, she wrote Spicey’s origin, and Robert illustrated the tale.



Published September 2017
ISBN:  978-1-943348-12-1
The story of a sad moose and a happy lamb, and what happens when they meet.
48 pages
$21.99 Retail, $20 when purchased directly from DFP
Ideal for ages 2-6, but really any age is the perfect age for a love story.

Read a preview of SPICEY’S TALE in PDF by clicking here.