Children’s Books

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DFP children’s books feature characters designed to be enjoyed by children and adults alike.  They are filled with easter eggs and puns to amuse parents, and for children to discover as they continue to read.

SHAKES THE COW and STANLEY, THE BEAR FROM AUNT are the two primary characters created by Robert Deans.  There are currently three books per series, with many more planned.  They are released roughly once a year.

Shakes Face BulletThe SHAKES THE COW books are a series of picture books appropriate for children ages 1 to 6, but are designed to be enjoyed by readers of all ages.  The first Shakes book, MOO THOUSAND AND PUN, features 22 pages of art and story introducing Shakes to readers.  Subsequent books feature 38 pages of story and art.  All Shakes books are told in rhyming couplet form.  For more about SHAKES THE COW, click here.

StanleyAUNT-BulletThe BEAR FROM AUNT books are prose books featuring 80-120 accompanying pieces of black-and-white artwork, and told by Stanley in the journal-style most familiar to young readers today.  They are designed for readers 7 and up, but adults enjoy them too.  These books are written with new readers in mind, so it is not necessary to read all of Stanley’s adventures in order to enjoy the most recent book.  For more about STANLEY, THE BEAR FROM AUNT, click here.

Available from book retailers around the world, DFP children’s books are also available directly from DFP.  When purchased directly from DFP, books include a free sketch and signature.  Books are available at any public appearance at book and comic shows during the year, and directly from the DFP Web store.