The Bear From AUNT

TheOG-StanleyStanley, The Bear From AUNT, is based on a gag Robert created for Elinda a few years ago.  The Hunt For Red October is a favorite film of the pair, and one of the more quoted lines from the film is an exchange early in the film between James Earl Jones’ Admiral Greer and Alec Baldwin’s Jack Ryan:

GREER:   Who’s Stanley?
RYAN:   Stanley’s a bear.

This led to the image above, a gift for Elinda.  But, Robert got to thinking, if Alec Baldwin can be a spy…why not Stanley?  Combining this idea with a love for the original TV Series (and later film remake) The Man From UNCLE, Robert created Stanley, The Bear From AUNT.

These adventures feature Stanley and his friends Marco, Percie, Tyler and Frank in a battle of wits with evil-doers around the world.  Each book also includes a nod to a current societal problem, in hopes of encouraging readers to learn more about problems they can help solve, such as a shortage in honey bees.  While this is definitely a series, they are designed and written for new readers in mind, so you can pick up any Bear From AUNT book in any order, and not feel lost.

Stanley’s adventures are prose books accompanied by 80-120 black-and-white images, and told in a journal-style familiar to most young readers of today.  The target age is for readers 7 and up, but 8-100 year-olds enjoy them too.  The adventures are available from book retailers everywhere.  Order directly from DFP and books come signed and with a sketch for no extra charge.  DFP also exhibits at several conventions and events during the year, and Stanley’s books will always be on display.

All BEAR FROM AUNT books are ideal for readers (not drinks) 7-up, or readers of mid-grade chapter books.

The Honey Don’t Case

Published September 2015
ISBN, HC:  978-1-943348-00-8

When there is a case too big for regular law enforcement, they call STANLEY for help. Not just any super-spy, Stanley is…THE BEAR FROM A.U.N.T. In The Honey Don’t Case, Stanley meets his new partner, Marco, and solves the mystery of disappearing bees!

206 Pages with over 120 B&W illustrations, $18.00

Read a preview of THE HONEY DON’T CASE in PDF by clicking here.

The Case of the Pushy Octopus

Published September 2016
ISBN, HC: 978-1-943348-05-3

Stanley is back! This time, THE BEAR FROM A.U.N.T. and his new partner Percie are trying to solve a temperature mystery of glacial proportions. They also meet a new kind of nemesis…

228 Pages with 100 B&W illustrations, $19.00

Read the a preview of THE CASE OF THE PUSHY OCTOPUS by clicking here.

The Case of the Chicane Mutiny

Published June 2017
ISBN, HC: 978-1-943348-07-7

Stanley and Marco, at the request of Percie, join the Mooclaren Racing Team to investigate cheating on the Formoola One circuit.  Can they find out what’s going on in time for Shakes to win the championship without interfering? (NOTE: This book ties in to the Shakes adventure MOO FAST MOO FURRYOUS. While they complement each other, both books can be read and enjoyed separately.)

206 Pages with 100 B&W illustrations, $20.00
Read a preview of THE CASE OF THE CHICANE MUTINY by clicking here.