Shakes The Cow

The Cow to launch a would-be empire?

SHAKES was created by J. Robert Deans during a road trip late one night.  (Don’t worry…Elinda was driving.)  Robert created the drawing at left, of his Kidlet’s favorite toy in a spacesuit.

Not much to begin with, but the inspiration is still unknown.  Idea for a birthday sketch?  Idea for a story?

Fast forward a bit, and the day after Robert had been laid off, he remembered this drawing.  The rest, as they say, is history.

MOO THOUSAND AND PUN (MTAP) would arrive within a year, and now there is a whole trilogy of SHAKES books, all because Robert had an idea about flinging a cow into space.

Since MTAP, Shakes has starred in the follow up TEMPLE OF MOO’D, and her latest adventure, MOO FAST, MOO FURRYOUS (due June 2017).  Shakes has also appeared in Robert’s latest BEAR FROM AUNT adventure, The Case of The Chicane Mutiny.

Shakes has also appeared in the background in several other works, most recently the web comic THE MIDDLE AGE by Steve Conley.

Shakes’ adventures are picture books with a target age of 1-5, but 6-100 year-olds enjoy them too.  Her adventures are available from book retailers everywhere.  Order directly from DFP and books come signed and with a sketch for no extra charge.  DFP also exhibits at several conventions and events during the year, and Shakes’ book swill always be on display.


Published June 2015
ISBN, HC:  978-1-943348-01-5
ISBN, SC:  978-1-943348-02-2

SHAKES THE COW heads to space for the first bovine space walk…and gets lost!

30 Pages (22 Story), $19.99

Ideal for ages 1-6 (but 1-100 is cool, too)


Published June 2016
ISBN, HC:  978-1-943348-03-9

Shakes is back and on vacation in the jungle with her best friend, Percie the Penguin. The explore some ruins and make a big discovery!

48 Pages (38 Story), $21.99 ($20 via DFP)

Ideal for ages 1-6 (but, again, 1-100, too)


Published June 2017
ISBN, HC: 978-1-943348-06-0

Shakes is racing for the championship for her Surf & Turf racing team!  Can she evade her snakey rival Alonssso and his unscrupulous tactics?  (NOTE: This story ties in to the third BEAR FROM AUNT book, The Case of the Chicane Mutiny.  Both books can be read separately for a complete story, but read together they do complement each other.)

48 Pages (38 Story), $21.99 ($20 via DFP)

Ideal for ages 1-6 (and beyond!)